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Hotel Review: Alila Maldives

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Unveiled to the public in May 2022, Alila Maldives is tucked away in the heart of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by turquoise waters and soft white sands - basically, your postcard-perfect paradise. And guess who was lucky enough to be one of the first guests? Yep, yours truly.


Now, the journey to this untouched oasis was an experience in itself. The seaplane transfer from Male International Airport was nothing short of magical. Imagine soaring over an azure canvas dotted with specks of emerald green. A stunning sight, indeed!

Upon landing, we were whisked away to the reception with a warm welcome that left us feeling like royalty. The check-in was a breeze, with a refreshing welcome drink thrown into the mix - I mean, who could ask for more?


At Alila Maldives, it was all about options. I got to dip my toes in the luxe life of both the Beach and Overwater Villas. Picture this: A secluded Beach Villa nestled amidst lush greenery and a stone's throw away from the beach. Now, switch that image with an Overwater Villa, perched atop the gleaming ocean with glass floor panels offering a sneak-peek into the underwater wonderland. Both, simply sublime!


Let's talk food, shall we? My taste buds were treated to a veritable feast, with each dish seemingly outdoing the last. The medley of local and international cuisines at Alila Maldives hit all the right notes. As for entertainment, let's just say that the house reef and its vibrant marine life were the real show-stoppers.


Alila Maldives knows how to pamper their guests. I found myself oscillating between the invigorating workouts at the gym, rejuvenating spa sessions, and basking in the infinity pool's mesmerizing ocean view. Suffice to say, each day was an indulgence.

Let me leave you with this – Alila Maldives, back in 2022, was already a slice of heaven. Now, a year later, who knows what marvels await?

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