Max Zaharenkov is an British-Russian social media personality, digital entrepreneur and public speaker based in London. He finds it very difficult to be self-promotional, so he hopes that you understand how hard that last sentence was for him to write. (Also, this is supposed to be in third person? That’s just weird.)

In February of 2014, Max, who was 22 years old at the time, clicked the ‘upload’ button on Vine for the first time. Within seconds, his self-made video was released into cyberspace. Since then, his channel has grown significantly, garnering millions of engaged social media fans.

However, despite the increase in viewership, one thing remains the same. He is always committed to making unique and high-quality content about all things art, journaling, and creativity. His audience is highly engaged, coming back to her channel week to week for inspiration. Max is most known for his "magic TikToks” - videos digitally edited to look as if he is doing magic. He calls his videos "digital sleight of hand".
Founded ZAHARE Media
to the UK
Made a leap into video-making
Started making Vines
Jumped into SMM
Went viral on TikTok
Yes, as I stated in my introduction video on main page, I knew what I wanted to do by the age of 13. The short version is that I loved creating any type of video content, growing up and always had an interest to know how make edit much more cooler. So, a small idea turned into me wanting to make my own video-channel. And after a few friends helping to fill up notebooks with thoughts, ideas, and drawings we quickly realized that we needed a website. Obviously, this was before the internet was filled with this type of knowledge readily available at your fingertips (YouTube, Facebook, and even MySpace weren't a thing yet). So, I was able to teach myself the basics and build something.
Back Story.
Fast-forwarding, after graduating uni with an degree in business administration, I made my way into multiple jobs. First starting out as summer intern in the consulting industry for a Accenture. This was the start of many core understandings and played a key role in my thought process when thinking about marketing as a whole, especially when it comes to digital marketing and media. After that, working my way into the production industry was a path that I created for myself based on one question that I still find myself asking, how does it work? This was the one question that started the passion I call my career.
After years in the industry, and having gone through multiple opportunities, some good, and some bad, I finally made a decision to venture on my own. It was March of 2016 that was my first day of working for myself as a creative director. So, here I am years later still doing the same thing but in slightly different way, and still loving it.
THe obsession.
THe focus.
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