We joined forces with Antarctica21 for a thrilling expedition to Antarctica, creating a dynamic commercial video, captivating stills, and engaging social media content. Our narrative was enriched with personal interviews from the team, offering an insider's view into the passion and expertise that guide these unique journeys. This blend of stunning visuals and personal stories invited our audience to dive deep into the icy wonders of the world's most remote wilderness.
Antarctica21 wanted us to show how special their trips to Antarctica are. They asked us to mix the stunning scenery with the cozy, eco-friendly vibe of their tours. By adding interviews with the team, we made the whole adventure feel more real and inviting. Our job was to get people excited about exploring Antarctica with Antarctica21, where you can enjoy the wild in comfort.
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We also captured some BTS footage.
We accumulated almost 2TB of material and over 4,000 photos. Additionally, Antarctica21 granted us permission to fly a drone, enabling us to capture stunning aerial footage as well.